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Ability to mark maniphest fields are required in custom form
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We have two teams, each have different requirements for creating bug report. Team A would like to have certain custom fields as required when people are creating bugs; but Team B doesn't want to always fill in these required fields. My current workaround is to:

  1. create these custom fields, mark them as required in "maniphest.custom-field-definitions"
  2. in the creation form for Team A, prefill these fields with 'NA' and hide them

But there is still some drawbacks:

  1. these fields are irrelevant to team A, but now they always show up in their new bugs
  2. in edit form I still need to have these fields so that team B would be able to edit these required fields

Is it possible to set custom fields as required in the form, instead of in the field definition? That would help to solve this problem

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Can you tell us what you're specifically trying to accomplish? As requested I don't know what problem this solves.. See Contributing Feature Requests for more information.

@chad Sorry that I didn't explain that clear enough in the description, here is what I'm trying to accomplish:

We have two teams, team A and team B, each using their own phabricator project. Team A would like to set some maniphest custom fields as required for any bug tagged with "Team A", but these fields are not relevant to team B and ideally should not be required or show up in Team B's tasks/bugs.

This problem is an extension of Although I can use edit engine to set up two different forms for team A and team B, I have to set default values for these required fields, and cannot hide the required fields completely from team B.

Also, people in both teams need to create tasks/bugs for each other, so that ideally we don't want to mark the team A specific fields as required in the field definition.

Sorry, I understood perfectly the feature you wanted. I don't understand the core problem you're trying to solve. If you could get into specifics, it would help us better understand if, for instance, you should just be using Nuance. Can you be more specific and tell us what the field your attempting to us is, for example?

Generally, we want to understand problems, which is why I linked the guide to you. A example might be that Team A is "Marketing" and Team B is "Engineering" and the Field is a Select, that uses values X, Y, and Z, and Engineering triages them, but Marketing doesn't need to set them. This tells us a good story at which to understand overarching needs. Upcoming tools like Nuance sit in front of Maniphest and might be what you're looking for, or maybe not, I just don't have enough backstory here.

I see. Thanks chad.

Here is a more specific version of my story: we have a web team and a mobile team. Mobile team requires people to fill in certain mobile specific fields such as "device type", "device version", "build number" etc when creating bugs for them since these info are critical for reproducing/debugging purpose. Web team, on the other hand, doesn't want these fields (they are not relevant to the web team). Everyone in the company could create bugs for both web team and mobile team.

I'm currently creating these mobile specific fields in maniphest field definition, and mark them as required, and then hide them in the form to create bugs for web team (and set them to "NA" in default values), but this workaround is still kind of troublesome. One thing is that these irrelevant fields still show up in the bug details for web team (as well as when editing the web team bug), another thing is that when editing existing bugs (since we added the required fields for mobile team at a later timeframe), people will get blocked unless they add values to these newly required fields.

@chad Just want to follow up, does my latest comment explain my use case? is there any recommended workaround or future change that could help me with that?

We have all the information we need, I don't have suggestions for workarounds. This isn't on any immediate roadmap. See Planning for how we prioritize requests.

in which folder we need to place maniphest.custom-field-definitions