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Unable to Import an Existing External Repository
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Hi, I'am trying to import an Existing External Repository.
But I just have the Create Repository button. (in

Please find below the installed version :
phabricator 7b50eef27a5600aacdb371749717977c27f986a3 (Wed, May 18)
arcanist 2234c8cacc21ce61c9c10e8e5918b6a63cc38fc8 (Mon, May 16)
phutil b25e0477b280ca3e8345bb97cd55e95bcb5023ec (Wed, May 11)

When I have downgraded the version to
phabricator 95c284b95e5b5ba36746849a3de9bda9105bddb5 (Thu, May 5)
arcanist c58f1b9a2507488b2152473dd1f0bbc7e99c09c1 (Fri, Apr 29)
phutil d4e36c61b1aced558b8423257f33e277d9d7827f (Thu, May 5)
I have again the possibility import a external repository. (button Import Repository)
But I am not able to finalize the SVN import. It tried to read the revision before the SVN branch creation.

Please find the output of the command :
./bin/repository update --trace rSAMPLEBUILDPROJECT