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/config/issue/ causes coredump in PHP-FPM
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I followed the instructions to install Phabricator with Nginx and PHP-FPM. I can view most pages on the site. However, navigating to /config/issue/ or /config/cache/ returns a 502 error and produces a core dump from PHP-FPM. Refreshing occasionally loads the cache page successfully, but I haven't been able to get to the issue page at all.

This is the output from coredumpctl info, the full dump is attached.

          PID: 9411 (php-fpm)
          UID: 1002 (phabricator)
          GID: 1003 (phabricator)
       Signal: 11 (SEGV)
    Timestamp: Wed 2016-05-18 18:57:57 PDT (13min ago)
 Command Line: php-fpm: pool phabricator                                        
   Executable: /usr/bin/php-fpm
Control Group: /system.slice/php-fpm.service
         Unit: php-fpm.service
        Slice: system.slice
      Boot ID: efc2e9db85fd4d23ae417e6bd8918baa
   Machine ID: 642ffdf69cf74d339e1a52e4b19aa577
     Hostname: highwind
     Coredump: /var/lib/systemd/coredump/core.php-fpm.1002.efc2e9db85fd4d23ae417e6bd8918baa.9411.1463623077000000000000.lz4
      Message: Process 9411 (php-fpm) of user 1002 dumped core.
               Stack trace of thread 9411:
               #0  0x000000000066758a _efree (php-fpm)
               #1  0x000000000047554a n/a (php-fpm)
               #2  0x00000000004758f2 n/a (php-fpm)
               #3  0x00000000004765dc n/a (php-fpm)
               #4  0x00000000006dacfd n/a (php-fpm)
               #5  0x00000000006cc01b execute_ex (php-fpm)
               #6  0x000000000071f877 zend_execute (php-fpm)
               #7  0x000000000068a2d3 zend_execute_scripts (php-fpm)
               #8  0x000000000062acb0 php_execute_script (php-fpm)
               #9  0x0000000000433a7b n/a (php-fpm)
               #10 0x00007f0b587ae741 __libc_start_main (
               #11 0x0000000000434899 _start (php-fpm)
Arch Linux


    90c06115e520cd94f13a1a85a4aa63c3dc9cfee0 (Fri, May 13) 
    6d175516f54818d02b5fa7d4bc2b290123c3d27f (Sat, Apr 30) 
    a51a8b98305e08b220972483698ae6f50e77768f (Fri, May 13)

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Can you reproduce this on another machine?

Yes, I tried it on my work computer (same versions and configuration), and then on my home computer.

PHP7 is currently unsupported, I would start there and move to 5.6 or whatever you prefer.

Try disabling php-apcu and other performance related extensions. Some of them (like APC) are known to cause segfaults or other issues, so unless you actually need to have them installed, I'd suggest disabling them and see if the issue still occurs.

I disabled the APC extension but still had the same issue. I'll try deploying on CentOS 7 when I have some time.

Can confirm this on another instance with the same package versions as what is reported in original post (Arch).

@hach-que can you disable php-apcu from the phabricator install, or do you mean to comment it out in the php/php-fpm config?

@davidism You probably don't want to be posting full memory core dumps publicly.

Just from a quick scan, I have:

  • Phabricator hostname / port (lucky it's all local!)
  • MySQL credentials
  • Your PHP session key (if your install was public this could compromise your account)
  • Phabricator account username
  • bcrypt-hashed Phabricator account password
  • Parts of your Phabricator config