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Notification mails containing old links after changing phabricator.base-uri
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Reproduction steps:

  • install phabricator on host vm.dom.ain
  • configure phabricator and and set phabricator/bin/config set phabricator.base-uri 'https://vm.dom.ain/
  • start phd daemons
  • set phabricator/bin/config set phabricator.base-uri 'https://phab.dom.ain/
  • do not set phabricator.production-uri
  • do not restart daemons
  • create some action in the gui which sends an notification

Expected result:

  • notification mail has links with https://phab.dom.ain/ prefixes

Actual result:

  • all links in notification mail have https://vm.dom.ain prefix


  • restart daemons phabricator/bin/phd restart

seen on:

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It should use the base-uri; However, the early-return in that function makes sense, in the case of an absolute URI.

Can you provide reproduction steps, as described in Providing Reproduction Steps? Specifically, we're missing:

  • What kind of links are wrong?
  • What kind of emails are effected?
  • Which version of Phabricator are you using?

i'm offsite until next thursday. will update the latest version then and recheck. the version used is about 2 weeks old and from stable branch.

I can't reproduce this. For example, this host does not reproduce the issue:

  • phabricator.base-uri is set to
  • phabricator.production-uri is null.
  • The actual host has hostname (or, depending on which host you reach).

However, email generates with the correct link.

My local host is set up in a similar way, as are all Phacility production hosts. None reproduce this issue.

reproduced it on a fresh vm.

i've found the real issue: the phabricator.base-uri seems to be cached by the daemons. as soon as i restart the daemons with phd restart the links are correct.

mails in plain text from my test: P1973

vinzent renamed this task from Mail links containing hostname instead of phabricator.base-uri to Notification mails containing old links after changing phabricator.base-uri.Apr 22 2016, 6:52 AM

please close this. i think not restarting phd is my fault.

as i'm ususally not logged in as admin user I maybe did net see the warning about phd having requiring a restart.

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