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search results should show maniphest tags
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Similar to dashboard tasklists, the search results should show the tags associated with a maniphest task.

This way, if phabricator is being used in multiple projects, two tasks without the project name in the taskname can be differentiated.

For example I might have a "add search bar" tasks for project 1, and another task "Add search bar" for project 2. Showing the tags lets me know which projects the task is for in the search result. I don't want to add "to project 1" to all it's tasks.

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merging into T7860, not quite identical, but I think both are same core issue? @epriestley can correct me if I'm wrong.

Maybe T8646 is a closer match? Dupe of one or the other in any case, I think.

Ah, I had found T7860 before creating this request, but that is not the same issue in my mind.

I agree with @epriestley and that T8646 is the same request, but with wiki documents as an example instead of maniphest tasks (my case).

Maniphest tasks have the added benefit of being able to show tags, as they do already in Maniphest queries, which other obejcts like wiki objects cannot.