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${NAMESPACE}_search is missing an edge and edgedata table
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  1. Create a test instance on phacility
  2. Wait for it to boot up
  3. Click create project
  4. Click on "edit form configurations"
  5. Click on "make editable"
  6. Click on "make editable" to confirm
  7. Click on "edit form configuration"
  8. Modify the view policy to "admins" (or anything really)
  9. Click Submit

Get the error:

#1146: Table 'test_wvgmqzisnm2u_search.edge' doesn't exist NOTE: This usually indicates that the MySQL schema has not been properly upgraded. Run 'bin/storage upgrade' to ensure your schema is up to date.

also notice on config/database/test_wvgmqzisnm2u_search/ that there is no edge table.

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Oh, thanks. I can reproduce this variant of things. I thought I remembered seeing this...

epriestley triaged this task as Normal priority.