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Can't create new credentials for remote repository
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Importing an external repository has a step in it that tends to be confusing. To reproduce:

  • Create a new repository (external)
  • Give it a url like
  • On the "Authentication" page there is a select to choose a password with a button "Add Credential"
  • Clicking "Add Credential" fails with an exception no matter what you put into it.

This is confusing, because it makes users think they need to click "Add Credential" to add a Passphrase, I presume this button should say "Create New Credential" and be separate from the <select>, maybe ?

Most of the time people don't need to create credentials here, and can just Continue.

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This bug report is missing version information and reproduction steps. Please take the time to file a complete bug report and re-open after. Thanks!

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I dug everything up here.

As a workaround you can create credentials in Passphrase, then select the credential and click "Continue"

Thanks for suggestion guys. Will do the workaround.

I believe D15612 introduced the bug, but unclear why newDialog isn't doing the right thing here overall. Easy to revert.