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"Award Badge" action on user profiles should use a typeahead for badge selection
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This is a small quality-of-life improvement, but the "Award Badge" action on user profiles currently uses a dropdown menu to let users select a badge. This would be a little better as a typeahead:

  • Right now, you can't easily distinguish between archived badges, already-awarded badges, badges you don't have permission to award, and normal, awardable badges.
    • In particular, it may not be clear to users why they can't award particular badges/etc.
  • If an install had a million badges the dropdown would be pretty hard to use.

Vague stuff:

  • Tokenizer could show more color/icon information, maybe?
  • A tokenizer could support multiple simultaneous awards, although I'm not sure that's at all useful?

D15544 has some discussion of how to implement this.

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