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Workboard for my assigned tasks across projects
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The root problem

I am involved in several different multi-person projects. I would like to see all of my maniphest assigned tasks (from all projects) in one place.

I can search for my assigned tasks, but I would really like to look at my tasks on a single workboard so that I can manipulate/categorize/etc.

Potential solutions

(Brainstorming, feel free to ignore)

  • Make assigned user function like an implicit tag, around which one can create a workboard.


  • (sufficient to automatically set a tag on exactly projects assigned to a given user) Enable herald to:
    • Add/remove tags in response to a triggering action on a maniphest task, AND
    • Let change-in-assignee be a triggering action

Event Timeline

T5793; Global rules can set/remove projects/tags from tickets - this can keep you afloat you for now.

@avivey interesting! Will investigate, thank you :-)

@avivey to close the loop -- global rules worked perfectly. Thanks again!