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Phabricator UI uses deprecated <tt> tag
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The Phabricator UI renders views (including this one) using the HTML5 doctype, and renders words inside backticks using the <tt> tag. <tt> is deprecated and is not part of the HTML5 markup spec:

Steps to repro:

  1. Inspect or view source on this page. (
  2. Find the doctype, and observe that it is <!DOCTYPE html>.
  3. Find the "<tt>" string surrounded by backticks in the above paragraph, and observe that the generated markup is <tt class="remarkup-monospaced">.

Suggested fix: render strings inside backticks as <code>foo</code> instead of <tt>foo</tt>.

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Does this cause any concrete problems in any user agent?

Not that I'm aware of today. (Caveat: I've only used Phabricator in desktop webkit-based browsers.)

chad added a subscriber: chad.Feb 19 2016, 9:57 PM

I'd be cool with moving to <code> semantically anyways, but imagine this is a bit harder since we'd have to invalidate all Remarkup cache?

Invalidating the cache is trivial, but I think <code> is used to style code blocks and has a bunch of different rules (e.g., block formatting) already associated with it.

If you want to do the legwork for this you can nuke the caches by bumping PhabricatorMarkupEngine->$version.

This doesn't seem worth changing to me until there's some actual problem, but I don't think changing it will do anything bad.

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Since there's no known actual problem with this today, I don't plan to fix it.