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Arcanist: show the list of diffs where the user is a reviewer
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Currently, running arc list will return the list of open diffs that I own. With this information I can see which if any of the diffs need landing or fixing. I would like something similar, but for diffs where I am a reviewer.

I propose adding a flag to arc list, maybe something like arc list --theirs, that would list open diffs that I am reviewing.

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esiegel created this task.Feb 11 2016, 9:49 PM
michaeljs1990 added a subscriber: michaeljs1990.EditedFeb 11 2016, 9:52 PM

What is the use case since in order to perform any meaningful actions you have to go to the web UI?

Maybe I'm alone in this case, but I like to arc patch D1234 the diff and then locally browse the files using my editor. I still have to go to the web UI to post comments, but I have in my mind a script that would allow me to select my open reviews, patch it locally, and then open the webui.

avivey added a subscriber: avivey.Feb 11 2016, 10:31 PM

This depends mostly on T7715, and maybe T5873.

I'm going to merge this into T7715, which has some more discussion.

I think this feature is completely reasonable, but want to implement it in a general way that gives arc list (and arc tasks) full access to the search infrastructure, rather than adding one flag at a time piecemeal forever, especially because the search infrastructure may support a custom set of filters which arc can not reasonably know about ahead of time. T7715 goes into more detail.

Unfortunately, the path forward is a complex one. We've built the new infrastructure to support this and switched Maniphest over to it, but Differential hasn't switched yet so the corresponding and differential.edit endpoints don't exist yet. Differential will need to switch over (which will create a modern as a side effect), and then we can update arc list to use the more powerful endpoint.

Yes, completely agree that a generalized solution is best.

I'll just continue to use my locally modified arc for the time being. Here is my hacked non-generalized change in case anyone wants it.

Sounds good -- that change looks reasonable and safe to me, and I'd expect it to work well until we get T7715 done.