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Maniphest search with slugs results in error
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This quite likely is half bug report, half feature request.

I was quite certain at some point I was able to construct a search using URL parameters, and in looking at the code in PhabricatorProjectSearchField.php that looked like a thing that was supported. However, if you attempt to use this feature it triggers an error when it attempts to setup the Viewer (->setViewer($this->requireViewer())) because $this->requireViewer() is not a defined method.

I'm not entirely sure how to connect the viewer in the best way. If you want to give some guidance, I'm happy to submit a fix here, too.


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Can you give me an example of a URL which hits this?

epriestley triaged this task as Normal priority.

Using PHIDs instead of slugs is likely a workaround, but possibly not helpful depending on what you're doing. D15214 should fix the root issue. Thanks for the report!