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Firefox body scroll fails when dragging tasks
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To reproduce:

  • Use Firefox.
  • View a long list of tasks in Maniphest.
  • Drag a task to the bottom or top of the screen.

In browsers other than Firefox, this causes the screen to scroll. In Firefox, it does not.

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(Specifically, the scrolling is a feature which I added in D10188 but punted on making work in Firefox.)

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@joshuaspence: Did 'per column scrolling' fix this issue? Asking as I have not experienced this problem in Firefox lately...

I think this is actually for the primary task lists, I just didn't do a good job of describing it. Here are more specific reproduction instructions:

  • In Maniphest (not on a Workboard), run a query for something like "All Tasks, Grouped by Priority, Ordered by Priority".
  • This should make the tasks in the list draggable (they'll show a little handle icon on the left, that looks like four lines stacked on top of one another).
  • In Firefox, while you have enough tasks in the result set to give the page a scrollbar, drag a task to the bottom or top edge of the screen.
  • The page should scroll automatically, but currently does not (at least, for me, locally).

This is very rarely used and only affects Firefox. As far as I know, dragging cards around on workboards is fine in every browser.

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Mooted by D20263, which removes the rarely-used drag functionality from global lists.