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Admins always see all Create Forms in Quick Create / Application Create Menus
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Another user (MCI) created a private project and a form to create tasks in that project and restricted access to the form to himself/members of the project.

As an admin, I can still edit the form (strange, but kind of OK),
but it also appears in my Create Menu and I see no way to get rid of it (not OK imho)...

I think this is a bug and makes the Menu unusable for admins as the number of forms increases...

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It is intentional that anyone who can configure the application (in this case, Maniphest) can edit all the forms for it (and can see them in order to edit them), so it's expected that you can manage and reconfigure the form in configuration UI.

However, I agree that it shouldn't appear in your "Quick Create" or application create menus. I'll fix this.

It may or may not be relevant to your use case, but forms are still usable for creating objects even if they are not marked as default "Create" forms: just navigate directly to their URI. If you plan to create a large number of forms, you may want to consider not putting lesser-used forms in the menu -- you could put a link to them on the project page or wiki or dashboard or whatever instead.

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