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Wysiwyg editing instead of wiki editing
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A lot of our users simply don't do much styling of text because they feel it is too cryptic to do so. This is particularly noticing and detrimental to documents created in Phriction as they just end up being plain text documents.

The Wiki style markup was designed back when there wasn't an easy way to do wysiwyg editing within the browser, but those days are long gone. There seems to be little need for a markup language these days as full wysiwyg is done easily on the web now. It would simplify things as there would no longer have to be a preview section.

Please consider moving away from having to do wiki style markup to style documents and just make it full wysiwyg editing within Phabricator. It would make our lives, and our text, much richer. :)

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T3967 is the first stop, but a true Medium style editor is many, many, many years away.

I find myself much more productive writing remarkup opposed to fiddling with selecting & styling with WYSIWYG (unless I'm trying to find the exact right icon to use). If a WYSIWYG editor is pursued I think there would be a sizable user-base who would find regular remarkup editing to still remain useful enough to have available as a preference.

Also, I've done some investigating for WYSIWYG web-based editors for markdown to be used for some of our internal applications - of the ones I've come across I haven't found many that seem to come close to being simple & reliable for the user-base I'm targeting. My takeaway is that the current state of such a widget (at least open-source) is probably a ways off, which is how I interpreted @chad's comment.

Yeah, mostly we think a really slick WYSIWYG is very complicated and time consuming to build, moreso than we'd be willing with current staff to ever pursue. It seems to take a large corporation to really have the time and willpower to do it correctly, as even tools like Wordpress still feel janky to me. Our planned 2-up display I think would resolve most of the need for such a tool and offer a best of both worlds approach (write in Remarkup, see work styled).

WYSIWYG is very not cool. Not only is it complicated and consuming to build, it also unnecessarly invites users to mess around with styling. Personaly I always stick with code (hell, I even write my documents using LaTeX). I'd say it's way better to have text-only entry for all documents and coments, plus have on-dememand preview, like this beautifully crafted comment box.

Plus: Remarkup is easy! Force users to learn it and/or have link to remarkup reference in bookmarks.