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Phabricator Tasks are not loading after Upgrade.
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I have upgraded Phabricator today. Now we are unable to open tasks, getting the following error.

No resource with symbol "javelin-behavior-comment-actions" exists in source "phabricator"!

My Phabricator version is,

phabricator 6081e640b154631cfc36b4d554a75638201762cd (Wed, Dec 30)
arcanist 8315edd05712c6ec5863414361ca00abb58f4970 (Wed, Dec 30)
phutil ab63fb85b599e2c8b9e2df153c9fcf2afff85c70 (Wed, Dec 30)

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6081e640b154631cfc36b4d554a75638201762cd is not a commit in the upstream. Do you have local patches?

Yes, there was some changes in map.php and I reverted to 14ae3c099c2e4ce6c706bbaa4aa9fcb4bc7d3dec. Now the issue is fixed. But no one other than Administrator can able to create new task.

What happens when they try?

Do they receive an error message? If so, what is the text of the error?

Yes, they are getting error message as shown below,

You Shall Not Pass: Maniphest
You do not have permission to edit task policies.
Users with the "Can Edit Task Policies" capability:
Administrators can take this action.

See T10003. See T9905 for broader discussion. See the Changelog to find information about changes before you perform an upgrade.

Thanks for sharing details. I have fixed the issues.

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