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Is it possible to create a static URL to a file download?
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Asked by ftdysa on Mar 9 2017, 8:26 PM.


I am looking to be able to give my users an static URL to a raw file in diffusion.

Basically, I've written install instructions along the lines of:

wget http://xxxx/file/data/cfgoqvp5ub2x35a6ftky/PHID-FILE-wlopi4oac3qdebppc4rt/ && chmod +x && ./

Ideally, this URL would always be the current version of the file but it looks like the URL is not static because the URL that I initially used is now 404'ing.


Updated 2,593 Days Ago

Basically, navigate to the file in Diffusion and then append ?view=raw the the URI. It will redirect the users to the right place.

(This involves creating a temporary file, which is what PHID-FILE- part refers to.)

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