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Task's Main Project / Task's Main Parent
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Asked by slashsBin on Dec 20 2016, 1:59 PM.


I'm working on a Gantt-Chart Dashboard for Phabricator, and have two Main Problem:

Task's Main Project

How does the Maniphest App detect the correct project for a Task which has multiple project tags?

If we use this Maniphest query which Groups the Result by Projects, if a Task has multiple projects tags(For Example T11892: Aphlict does not work using SSL and node 6.9.1 has the Tags: Bug Report and Aphlict) then Maniphest chooses one of them to Group by it.

I'd like to achieve similar Result(or be able to parse the JSON result manually and group the tasks by projects) with Conduit or maniphest.query APIs.

I'm familiar with Project Attachment which lists the tasks projects, but how can I choose which Project to Group by it? Does the First Item the Main Project?

Task's Main Parent

I have same issue when dealing with Tasks and it's sub-tasks. Currently API does not give any information about sub-tasks, but maniphest.query does(via dependsOnTaskPHIDs). But how can I choose which Item is it's main/direct parent?

I'd like to find out Task's direct parent to Group them together.


Updated 2,537 Days Ago

There is no such thing as a main project in Phabricator. Projects are just tags to describe a task.

Updated 2,537 Days Ago

So how does Phabricator choose one of Task projects to group upon?

How about Task dependencies?

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