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Sequentialization and parallelization of Harbormaster builds

Asked by witrin on Jul 23 2016, 2:53 PM.


I have several (source) repositories. Whenever a commit is pushed to one of theses repositories a task has to be triggered which builds the sources and push the result into another (target) repository.

The source repositories are hosted in Phabricator. The target repository is hosted separately. Jenkins has access to all repositories.

What I've done is:

  • A project in Jenkins which does a build job through a parametrized script
  • A build plan in Harbormaster with a Make HTTP Request build step calling Jenkins
  • A Herald rule which triggers the Harbormaster build plan whenever a commit is pushed to one of the source repositories

How can I ensure that all pushed commits of one source repository are build in the right order? And how could I parallelize the builds between the several source repositories?

What I like to avoid would be a (huge) bunch of setup on Jenkins or Harbormaster for each source repository.


Updated 1,148 Days Ago

The "Wait for Previous Commits to Build" step will pause a build until all builds from the same build plan running on ancestors of that commit have completed.

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