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How can I generate Tables of Contents on Phriction pages?
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Asked by Sam2304 on May 25 2016, 4:00 PM.
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May 25 2016, 4:00 PM


I've noticed that on this instance of Phabricator, there is a button to the left of the Page heading that provides a table of contents that can be used to navigate around the page. I've also seen some references to table of contents panels in the UI, such as D12417: Move ToC in Phriction to it's own column.

I'm sure I've looked in all the obvious places (phriction config, page source for the Test Page)but I cannot find anything relating to Table of Contents in my own instance of Phabricator? Is there something I am missing? I'm following the stable branch.

This is the menu I mean:

toc.png (251×402 px, 14 KB)


Updated 2,227 Days Ago

It is generated automatically if a document has at least two headers.

Documents without headers do not generate a table of contents, because we have no way to determine which sections are present in the document.

Documents with fewer than two headers do not generate a table of contents because it wouldn't be useful.

Your document probably does not have any headers, or has fewer than two headers.

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