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how to display more lines before and after the code changes in differential svn diff file?

Asked by kavonm on Apr 18 2016, 2:55 AM.


I use TortoiseSVN to create the patch. And there are not enough lines before and after the code change lines, which is not very convenient for viewers.


Updated 2,537 Days Ago

See T2465; You'll need to install a custom diff program, and configure TortoiseSVN to use it.

Updated 2,536 Days Ago

I downloaded GNU diff from and installed on Windows.
And then configure TortoiseSVN just like below. But it still display 3 lines before and after code change lines instead of 30 line.
Could you please correct me what's wrong with my configuration?

1.PNG (438×702 px, 48 KB)

I created one bat file and did not work either.

1.PNG (72×805 px, 5 KB)

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