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Remarkup Previews
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Asked by sshannin on Jan 12 2016, 2:18 AM.


T9905 mentions a couple times that the remarkup previews disappeared from maniphest with the applicationeditor changes.

I've been scared and holding off on updating because of that.

I just now decided to try it on this install and can see previews as far as I can tell. If I got to create a task from the top right, I see a description preview as I type. Likewise, if I start editing an existing task, the preview changes appropriately.

So, I just wanted to figure out what exactly people were upset about so I know what to expect when I unleash this on my users.


Updated 1,665 Days Ago

It was really touch and go there for a while, but I gritted my teeth, furrowed my brow, and clicked "Accept" on the magical things @epriestley had typed and it all worked out.

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