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Author was changed after arc land
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Asked by zjerho on Oct 25 2015, 1:51 PM.


I tried to find what I did wrong in my arc workflow, but I still don't have clear clue for it.

After finishing review, I wanted to ship the final reviewd code into git repository so I run 'arc land'.
If the author of the commit is not me, I can always see this message.

This branch has revision 'DXXX: blaha~~~'  but you are not the author. Land this revision by dfeuer?

So I chose 'y' because I was not the author and I wanted to keep the information as it is.
However, in the repository, the author was changed as me.
When I selected 'N', arc just is aborted.

How can I ship the commit with right author information?


Updated 2,421 Days Ago

This is an instance of T4333, which should be resolved now.

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