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Specifying auditor for commit
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Asked by sshannin on Aug 21 2015, 1:07 PM.


Is there any way to specify in a commit message who the auditor should be?

Specifically, for a small set of files we work with, we still are unable to use arc. So I have a Herald rule as recommended in the docs that adds a certain project as an auditor to commits for which no differential revision exists.

This is very coarse though and while often correct, sometimes ends up needlessly involving the #default_audits project members. Many times, the committer knows who should audit the actual change. But right now, they have to specify that person later through the web UI, and there's no way for them to remove the #default_audits reviewer.

Ideally what I'd like to do is something where they can specify the reviewer in the commit message and only add #default_audits if no specific reviewer is listed. Is there any way to accomplish that with Herald/built-in commit message parsing?


Updated 1,890 Days Ago

You can specify who the auditors should be inline with Auditors: foo or Auditors: #project

See T5132 for information about some of the other things you can do inline with commit messages. However, at this time you can not write a herald rule that adds auditors only if they do not exist (T5889).

Updated 1,890 Days Ago

Post-commit audit is worse-off than pre-commit. As You might know, it's possible to specify reviewer on per-diff basis. Generally You should be able to add "Auditors: user_name" or "Auditors: #project"

Other than this... See T5132

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