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Multiple Reviewer Status

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chad, Jul 15 2013
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"Yellow Medal" token, awarded by btrahan.

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Basic idea is to rely on color to indicate state and re-use icons for simplicity. From left to right:

  • Red (rejected)
  • Black (resigned from review)
  • Green (accepted)
  • Grey (no interaction)
  • Blue (interaction, but not state changed)

The main idea is everyone starts grey, then if they comment or start a draft, turn blue. Tooltips on the review could give state and time for additional context.

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chad created Multiple Reviewer Status.Jul 15 2013, 7:13 PM
chad added a subscriber: epriestley.

These look good, but they seem very heavy/important visually -- maybe out of line with their actual importance?

I think this is a overly heavy example, not likely IRL. But in general I agree. I would probably re-design the top of differential to go along with something like this, since it could use a little more structure. I can also try a pass with just colored icons, but that didn't feel good in my first pass.

I'd probably also like to use this element in Diffusion to show auditors -- the old table we had was already huge, and now we have an objectlist view which is xbox-sized. This thing:

{F50223} 90% redundant and should really just be:

An Icon?...with this tooltip?tag or linkLight grey text or maybe tooltip
AcceptedbtrahanRequested by Author
?Audit RequestedHidupBangsakuHerald Rule "example"
?Audit RequestedFakhra.AftabHerald Rule "whatever"
!Concern Raised#cowboyOwners Package "Everything"

...and get a treatment identical to Reviewers in Differential.

I'll commit colored and just black/white ones, not sure which I'd prefer live.

chad renamed an image (Multi-Reviewer) from to Multi-Reviewer.Jul 21 2013, 3:08 AM
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