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Fixing so that on windows local paths to binaries can be used

Authored by bluehawk on Jun 11 2014, 11:41 PM.
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On windows, using something like "vendor/bin/phpcs" does not work because the code tries to run "where vendor/bin/phpcs" which fails badly. So instead, when we try to test for a binary on windows, we first check if a file exists locally with that name. If it does, just use that. If someone has a file in their project with the same name as a linter, but that is not the actual linter, this could fail, but I can't imagine a case where that would happen.

Test Plan

On windows, run arc lint with a linter configured that is local e.g. "vendor/bin/phpcs"

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I'm pretty sure the unit tests failed because I'm on windows. The change itself is fairly simple and shouldn't have affected them, but I don't have a system to easily test the unit tests on that isn't windows.

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Improving it so that checking local happens after checking for a global bin in path.

Running unit tests and lint

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This can be simplified to if ($err), right?


Spell this as pathExists, not PathExists.

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Sorry, thought of one more issue.


Oh, sorry -- this should also probably have an is_executable() check, too.

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That sounds totally reasonable, but when I add that it stops working. Not sure why...

$path is string(26) "F:\Work\TestRepo\bin\phpcs"
is_executable($path) is bool(false)

Maybe it's because I'm in a MinGW environment? the phpcs file is a shell script, so maybe windows or php doesn't understand that it's executable.

Is that actual file an executable, or is it something like a symlink?

Maybe it needs, like: is_executable($path) || (is_link($path) && is_executable(readlink($path)))?

It's not a symlink. It's a bash file.

$ cat bin/phpcs
#!/usr/bin/env sh
cd "`dirname "$0"`"
cd "../vendor/squizlabs/php_codesniffer/scripts"
cd "$SRC_DIR"
"$BIN_TARGET" "$@"
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Oh, gross. Okay, let's go with this for now and we'll see if it's a problem.

We could also try running which unconditionally (which should work in Unix-like Windows shells) and then fall back to where only if it's not available.


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Closed by commit rPHU6c3160d2b6f0 (authored by @bluehawk, committed by @epriestley).

Oh, although to figure out if we can run which or not we'd have to start by running which which.

Anyway, hopefully this is good enough in all real scenarios.