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Fix two bugs with DraggableList

Authored by epriestley on Jan 12 2014, 10:51 PM.



Ref T1344. This fixes two issues with DraggableList:

  • In lists which allowed it, you could drag the top item above itself and get a dashed-border ghost item. This didn't make sense and didn't behave well. Just don't treat this operation as valid.
  • In lists which allowed it, you could drag any non-top item to the topmost position, then drag it to an invalid position. The dashed-border ghost item would not be removed properly if this happend.
  • Also fix some minor leftovers with Celerity.
Test Plan
  • Dragged the first item above itself; now an invalid operation with no ghost.
  • Dragged another item to the first position then back to its original position; ghost vanishes.
  • Clean lint.

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Note this for null vs false trickiness.

I tried to make a good joke about null, but I kept coming up false. (See how bad that was?)