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Fail in a more comprehensible way when a WorkingCopy lease omits or mangles ""

Authored by epriestley on Tue, May 3, 6:36 PM.



Ref T13676. When the required "" attribute is omitted, bin/drydock lease currently fatals in an unhelpful way when trying to lease a working copy.

Test Plan

Ran bin/drydock lease --type working-copy with no attributes, after following steps in T13676.

<Allocation Failed> One or more blueprints promised a new resource, but failed when allocating: [PhutilAggregateException] All blueprints failed to allocate a suitable new resource when trying to allocate lease ("PHID-DRYL-orbtwtlinksm3xqpyhmw").
    - Exception: Working copy lease is missing required attribute "".
      Attribute "" should be a map of repository specifications.

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