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Fix an issue where inlines could be duplicated in the client list

Authored by epriestley on Mar 18 2021, 6:33 PM.



Ref T13559. D21261 added caching here, but the logic in rebuilding inlines wasn't quite correct, and could lead to us double-appending.

Instead, when rebuilding, unconditionally discard the old list.

Test Plan
  • Added inline comments to a file in Differential.
  • Marked some done.
  • Scrolled so the inline comment header was visible, saw "X / Y Comments" button in header.
  • Clicked "Show 20 more lines" on the changeset with inlines (or toggle "View Unified" / "View Side-by-Side", or other interactions likely work too).
    • Before: saw "X / Y" change improperly (because inlines in that file were double-counted).
    • After: saw stable count.
  • Grepped for "differential-inline-comment-refresh", got no hits, concluded this event has no listeners.

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