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Replace "DiffusionCommitListView" with "DiffusionCommitGraphView"
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Authored by epriestley on Sun, Jul 12, 3:41 PM.
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Ref T13552. This older view mostly duplicates other code and has only two callsites:

  • The "Commits" section of user profile pages.
  • The "Ambiguous Hash" page when you visit a commit hash page which is an ambiguous prefix of two or more commit hashes.

Replace both with "DiffusionCommitGraphView".

Test Plan
  • Visited profile page, clicked "Commits".
  • Visited an ambiguous hash page (rPbd3c23).

Diff Detail

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Lint OK
Unit Tests OK
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Buildable 24777
Build 34176: Run Core Tests
Build 34175: arc lint + arc unit

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