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Return empty data if fact dimension is missing, not yet available

Authored by artms on Oct 21 2019, 1:36 PM.



On fresh installation which doesn't have yet any task closed you will not be able to open charts because of error below:

[Mon Oct 21 15:42:41 2019] [2019-10-21 15:42:41] EXCEPTION: (TypeError) Argument 1 passed to head_key() must be of the type array, null given, called in ..phabricator/src/applications/fact/chart/PhabricatorFactChartFunction.php on line 86 at [<phutil>/src/utils/utils.php:832]
[Mon Oct 21 15:42:41 2019]   #0 phlog(TypeError) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/handler/PhabricatorAjaxRequestExceptionHandler.php:27]
[Mon Oct 21 15:42:41 2019]   #1 PhabricatorAjaxRequestExceptionHandler::handleRequestThrowable(AphrontRequest, TypeError) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:797]
[Mon Oct 21 15:42:41 2019]   #2 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::handleThrowable(TypeError) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:345]
[Mon Oct 21 15:42:41 2019]   #3 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::processRequest(AphrontRequest, PhutilDeferredLog, AphrontPHPHTTPSink, MultimeterControl) called at [<phabricator>/src/aphront/configuration/AphrontApplicationConfiguration.php:214]
[Mon Oct 21 15:42:41 2019]   #4 AphrontApplicationConfiguration::runHTTPRequest(AphrontPHPHTTPSink) called at [<phabricator>/webroot/index.php:35

To fix issue - lets return empty data set instead

Test Plan
  1. Create fresh phabricator installation
  2. Create fresh project
  3. Try viewing charts

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