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Improve rendering of "default value changed" custom form transactions to at least have all the information

Authored by epriestley on Jun 19 2019, 8:27 PM.



Ref T13319. Currently, transactions about changes to a default form value use a raw internal key for the affected field and don't show the actual value change.

An ideal implementation will likely require us to specialize a great deal of rendering, but we can do much better than we currently do without too much work:

  • Try to pull the actual EditField object for the key so we can getLabel() it and get a human-readable label (like Visible To instead of policy.view).
  • Add a "(Show Changes)" action that dumps the raw values as more-or-less JSON, so you can at least figure out what happened if you're sophisticated enough.
Test Plan



The quality of "Show Details" varies a lot. For some fields, like "Description", it's pretty good:

For others, like "Assigned To", it's better than nothing but pretty technical:

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