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When triggering audits, count "Accepted" revisions as successfully reviewed

Authored by epriestley on May 30 2019, 11:06 PM.



See PHI1118. That issue may describe more than one bug, but the recent ordering changes to the import pipeline likely make this at least part of the problem.

Previously, commits would always close associated revisions before we made it to the "publish" step. This is no longer true, so we might be triggering audits on a commit before the associated revision actually closes.

Accommodate this by counting a revision in either "Accepted" or "Published (Was Previously Accepted)" as "reviewed".

Test Plan
  • With commit C affecting paths in package P with "Audit Unreviewed Commits and Commits With No Owner Involvement", associated with revision R, with both R and C authored by the same user, and "R" in the state "Accepted", used bin/repository reparse --publish <hash> to republish the commit.
  • Before change: audit by package P triggered.
  • After change: audit by package P no longer triggered.

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