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Improve overflow/ellipsis behaivor for very wide task graphs

Authored by epriestley on Mar 29 2019, 12:45 AM.



See downstream The T123 Task Name column in graphs can currently fold down to 0 pixels wide.

Although it's visually nice to render this element without a scroll bar when we don't really need one, the current behavior is excessive and not very useful.

Instead, tweak the CSS so:

  • This cell is always at least 320px wide.
  • After 320px, we'll overflow/ellipsis the cell on small screens.

This generally gives us better behavior:

  • Small screens get a scrollbar to see a reasonable amount of content.
  • The UI doesn't turn into a total mess if one task has a whole novel of text.
Test Plan

Old behavior, note that there's no scrollbar and the cell is so narrow it is useless:

New behavior, same default view, has a scrollbar:

Scrolling over gives you this:

On a wider screen (this wide or better), we don't need to scroll:

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