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Queue a worker task to send mail only after committing the mail transaction

Authored by epriestley on Jun 14 2017, 7:15 PM.



Fixes T12844. This code is misleading: the daemon insert is happening on a different connection, and is not inside the transaction on the Mail connection.

What actually happens is this:

  • (Connection A) BEGIN
  • (Connection A) INSERT INTO mail ...
  • (Connection B) INSERT INTO worker ... <-- This is a different connection, and it is NOT in a transaction!
  • There's a race window here: the worker row is globally visible but the mail row is still isolated inside the transaction.
  • (Connection A) COMMIT
  • Now we're clear: the mail row is globally visible.

Change this code to reflect what's actually happening.

This means that if the worker row insert fails for some reason, we'll now throw with a mail row written to the database. But this is fine: it doesn't send on its own (so it can't cause mail loops or anything) and it can be re-queued with bin/mail resend if necessary without too much trouble.

Test Plan

See T12844 for particulars. Made some comments on tasks, saw the daemons send mail.

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