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Fix isReadable() and isWritable() in SearchService

Authored by epriestley on Mar 28 2017, 7:51 PM.



Ref T12450. Minor cleanup:

  • setRoles() has no callers.
  • getRoles() has no callers (these two methods are leftovers from an earlier iteration of the change).
  • The hasRole() logic doesn't work since nothing calls setRole().
  • hasRole() has only isreadable/iswritable as callers.
  • The isReadable()/isWritable() logic doesn't work since hasRole() doesn't work.

Instead, just check if there are any readable/writable hosts. Host already inherits its config from Service so this gets the same answer without any fuss.

Also add some read/write constants to make grepping this stuff a little easier.

Test Plan
  • Grepped for all removed symbols, saw only newer-generation calls in Host.
  • See next diff for use of isWritable().

Diff Detail

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