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Add a flag to ./bin/worker to select tasks based on their failureCount

Authored by jcox on Nov 21 2016, 7:04 PM.



I frequently run into a situation where I want to kill tasks that have accumulated a lot of failures regardless of what class they are. Or I'll want to kill every worker of a certain class but only if it has failed at least once. This change allows me to run ./bin/worker cancel --class <MYCLASS> --min-failure-count 5 to only kill tasks with at least 5 failed attempts.

The --min-failure-count N argument can be used by itself as well as with --class CLASSNAME. I don't think it makes sense for it to work with --id ID, but I'm not dead set on that or anything.

Test Plan

I ran the worker management workflow with and without the --min-failure-count argument and it worked as expected.

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We should probably just accept all selectors and apply them with AND, like UI queries do, although I guess the fact that we aren't using a real Query object further down makes this harder.

That is, doesn't seem inherently wrong to accept --id 1 --id 2 --id 3 --class X as "all tasks with class X and IDs 1, 2 or 3".

Not a big deal either way.


For YAGNI-future-proofing, maybe: withFailureCountBetween($min, $max)

Where both are nullable, and null means "no boundary limit".

Similar to existing withVersionBetween(), withNextEventBetween(), etc.


4-space indents? THE WORK OF THE DEVIL

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Backed PhabricatorWorkerActiveTasks with an actual query object and refactored to share
some logic between Active and Archived tasks. Also removed some overeager indentations.

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@epriestley do these changes look alright? I pulled most of PhabricatorWorkerArchiveTaskQuery up into the abstract PhabricatorWorkerTaskQuery and then added PhabricatorWorkerActiveTaskQuery. That made it more straightforward to just AND all the constraints together.

epriestley edited edge metadata.

Yep, seems reasonable to me. Thanks!


Maybe <= for consistency with $min and MySQL's BETWEEN?

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Use <= rather than <

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