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Add links and diffs for text block edits to mail

Authored by epriestley on Jun 6 2016, 10:36 PM.
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Ref T7643.

  • When a transaction edits a text block, add a link to the changes (for HTML mail).
  • Also, inline the changes in the mail (for HTML mail).
  • Do nothing for text mail since I don't think we really have room? And I don't know how we can make the diff look any good.
Test Plan

Edited a task description, generated mail, examined mail.

  • It contained a link leading to a prose diff.
  • It had a more-or-less reasonable inline text diff.

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Here's a maybe-workable way to get this operational for text diffs -- we can use unicode combining marks to "style" the text:

The dog said "m̶e̶o̶w̶ w̳o̳o̳f̳". The d̶u̶c̶k̶ c̳o̳w̳ said "moo".

At least on my system, that looks like an illegible mess, though. We could fiddle with different characters but I suspect this isn't too promising as an avenue.

Here's what I see, seems pretty much impossible to read:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.45.31 PM.png (66×372 px, 14 KB)

These are more readable but it's impossible to tell which is "-" and which is "+":

  • The dog said m͓e͓o͓w͓ w̟o̟o̟f̟.

These are a little better-ish? Maybe?

  • The dog said m̌ěǒw̌ w̭o̭o̭f̭.

I also suspect most users opting out of HTML email are using some 1970-era terminal client that they compiled from C by hand and won't have new-fangled unicode.

I pushed for some feedback downstream:

It also might not be terrible to just dump a block of links into plain text email:

Ancient Lore:

(Usually there's only one, but if you add 5 custom text fields it seems like putting five separate sections into the mail is a bit silly. Although maybe that's fine, too.)

I could also make the URIs very slightly prettier if we go down this route.

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