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Do not escape binary paths in external linters

Authored by BYK on Oct 8 2015, 6:14 PM.
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When using external linters, such as puppet-lint the command arc produces is like the following: `"puppet-lint" "something" "some other
thing"`. Note the quotes around the binary name, which breaks the command (at least on Windows). This patch prevents arcanist from escaping the binary

Test Plan

Try arc lint on a project making use of an ExternalLinter on a Windows machine and make sure you see no errors with the patch. Also try
it on a Linux machine and make sure you see no errors on a Linux machine either.

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rARC Arcanist
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Buildable 8208
Build 9385: arc lint + arc unit

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This is a "does this really work?" sort of diff. Will make it proper after some feedback. Thanks! :)

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  • Fix some tests

This doesn't work: binaries may have spaces in their names. See T8298.

See D11396 for a variant of this. See also T6966. But I don't intend to accept any changes here which are not along the pathway described in T8298 -- that is, I want to build toward a working Windows command escaping environment, not pile more hacks on the broken one we have now.

Oh, thanks a lot for the pointers. I'll see how I can help with those.