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Remove old, confusing configuration files

Authored by epriestley on Oct 2 2014, 7:09 PM.


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T6230: Remove `default.conf.php`
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rPb16527d93dce: Remove old, confusing configuration files

Fixes T6230. These files have not been read by default for a long time, but users are frequently confused and try to edit default.conf.php.

Remove the actual files. Allow phabricator_read_config_file(...) to continue working as though they exist so as to not break config-file-based installs.

Test Plan

I used this script to make sure that removing default.conf.php won't change things for installs which are still using config files:


require_once 'scripts/__init_script__.php';

$file = require 'conf/default.conf.php';
$global = new PhabricatorConfigDefaultSource();
$global_values = $global->getAllKeys();

foreach ($file as $key => $value) {
  $global_value = idx($global_values, $key, (object)array());

  if ($value !== $global_value) {
    echo "{$key}\n\n";
    echo "FILE VALUE\n";
    echo "\n";
    echo "DEFAULT VALUE\n";

These were the keys that had issues:

  • log.access.format Not specified in default.conf.php, safe to speciy.
  • mysql.pass Empty string in file, null in global. Same effect.
  • metamta.default-addrress One used, one These are just human-readable examples so it's safe to change behavior.
  • metamta.domain same as above, vs
  • phpmailer.smtp-host One used null, one empty string.
  • phpmailer.smtp-protocol As above.
  • files.viewable-mime-types File version is out of date.
  • repository.default-local-path Null in file, set in global. This is correct to set to a default value now.
  • pygments.dropdown-choices File version is out of date.
  • environment.append-paths File version is empty, global version adds common paths. This could change behavior, but the web behavior is better and more reasonable in general, and a system would need to be configured in a very bizarre way for this to be relevant.

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