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Add a Scalastyle linter
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Authored by josh-newman on Sep 3 2014, 8:12 AM.



I've been using Phabricator a lot recently for Scala projects. We thought it might be useful to add linting to our code review process, and I didn't see any current Scala linters in Arcanist, so I put together a Scalastyle linter. I didn't find existing revisions or tasks related to Scala linter configuration, but if there are I'm happy to wait or contribute to that instead of pushing this change.

I'm not too familiar with Arcanist contribution processes; please let me know if I'm doing anything very wrongly!

Test Plan

I ran this linter locally.

I tried adding a unit test but I wasn't sure how to configure the paths to the Scalastyle JAR and configuration file in the test environment. Are there examples of other tests that do this?

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@epriestley, is there anyone else I should send this revision to for review? (I just picked your name out of the contribution guide.) Thanks!

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We have about 80 revisions in the queue for review, so it may take some time. For a change to go in, we need to be able to fully test, document, and support it in the upstream, so it's not a quick process. Sorry. :(

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This linter should offer an option to use the ScalaStyle SBT plugin.

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Maybe Scala Abide is a better choice for scala linter because it is maintained by Scala Official Repository

Thanks for the reference, @hanfeisun. It looks like scala-abide isn't released yet, though; do you know when it'll be ready for general use?

Thanks for the reference, @hanfeisun. It looks like scala-abide isn't released yet, though; do you know when it'll be ready for general use?

He said there isn't an ETA yet, but not far from a 0.1 release. will have a better estimate after ScalaDays (in 2 weeks)..

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Some initial feedback.


This should be wrapped in a call to the pht() function so that it is translatable.


This is the default behaviour, so you don't need to override this method explicitly.


You should be able to remove the optional type specifier from getLinterConfigurationOptions() instead.


Prefer '-jar='.$this->jarPath


As above.


Prefer --quiet (without true).


Just remove this.


Should be namespaced as scalastyle.jar


Why a list of strings?


As above.


Why a list of strings?