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Phacility Cluster CLI Tools
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This document provides an overview of the CLI tools for administrating devices in the Phacility Cluster.

Core Tools

These tools are provided by rCORE. They can be run from an administrative terminal outside of the cluster. The words "administrative terminal" mean "your laptop".

These tools are specific to the Phacility cluster and not part of the Phabricator upstream.

Commands which affect servers operate through the bastion. See Phacility Cluster Bastion.

Operations affecting multiple hosts can be executed with Phage. See Phage (Phacility).

Deployment Commands

These commands deploy or upgrade servers.

Deploying or upgrading a bastion host requires the master key.

bin/remotedeployDeploy a new host, installing system software and rCORE on it. Then, upgrade.
bin/remoteupgradeInstall and upgrade application software on a deployed host. Then, restart.
bin/remoterestartRestart one or more instances on an upgraded host.
bin/remoteadjustApplies adjustments for one or more instances.

These workflows build on each other: deploy does all three steps; upgrade does the last two; restart does the least work.

deploy and upgrade apply to the entire host, and implicitly to all instances on the host. restart applies to all instances by default, but can restart a specific instance with --instance.

adjust applies additional online adjustments.

Operational Commands

These commands perform routine operational tasks.

bin/remotebackupManually trigger an instance backup.

Console Commands

These commands are like ssh and mysql, but connect through the bastion (and require the bastion to authorize the request).

bin/remotesshOpen an administrative SSH console on a device, like connecting with ssh.
bin/remotemysqlOpen an administrative MySQL console on a device, like connecting with mysql.

Status Commands

These commands report host status.

bin/remotestatusReport host status metrics.

Utility Commands

These commands have utility roles.

bin/remoteuploadUpload a file from a host to admin.
bin/remotedownloadDownload a file from admin to a host.

Internal Commands

These commands are used internally by other tools.

bin/host(All)Local versions of bin/remote commands; what bin/remote ultimately invokes.
bin/bastion(All)Used by the bastion host to authorize and relay operational traffic.
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