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Production Configuration
Updated 2,349 Days AgoPublic runs on one machine in EC2 USWest. These people have access:

Login as ubuntu.

Layout of stuff:

/core/            --- Most stuff is here.
  arcanist/       -+
  diviner/         |
  javelin/         +- Working copies.
  libphutil/       |
  phabricator/    -+

  bak/            --- Backups, including cron'd backup script. Also backed up to OSLOSU.
  conf/           --- Symlinks to config files.
  log/            --- Symlinks to log files.
  pool/           --- FPM stuff.
  src/            --- Stuff built from source.
  ssl/            --- SSL certificates.
  static/         --- (i.e., not "secure").
  storage/        --- Phabricator on-disk storage.      --- Script to partly reproduce this setup on a clean host.      --- Restart webserver.      --- Rebuild symbol indexes.       --- Update and restart webserver.

To push, just run

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