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If you need help solving a problem, Phacility offers broad-spectrum consulting services. The service we provide works like this:

  • We'll work on whatever you want, within moral and legal limits.
  • We'll charge you $1,500/hour for the time we spend working on it.
  • If you're interested in hiring us for consulting work, send us an email:

We are not primarily a consulting company, and this service is aimed at unusual cases where our expertise is especially valuable or the situation is particularly urgent.

Services Offered

You might use this service to do these kinds of things:

  • Custom Development: We can help you with writing a custom extension, third-party application, or with modifying Phabricator.
  • Disaster Recovery: If you've run into a problem like a hardware failure or data corruption, we can help you recover and get back online quickly.
  • Imports or Exports: If you need to export or import data to or from custom systems, we can make sure the process goes smoothly.
  • Unreproducible/Environmental Problems: At our consulting rate, we're happy to try to reproduce bizarre environmental problems for as long as you remain solvent.
  • Wisdom and Judgement: We are experienced software professionals and can offer advice on building an engineering organization or solving difficult technical problems, whether they have anything to do with Phabricator or not.
  • Interim Executive: If your company needs an interim executive after an unexpected change in leadership, we're excellent candidates and competitively priced at this rate.
  • Move Furniture: We aren't necessarily very good at this, but are happy to help you move furniture at our consulting rate.
  • Write a Biography: Does Phabricator's marketing copy resonate in the chambers of your soul as the perfect voice for your memoir? We can help build your legacy.

These services are not available as consulting services:

  • Control over the Phabricator Upstream: You can't pay us a fixed amount of money to maintain something indefinitely.
  • Assassinations: We will only perform legal services.

Other Ways to Solve Problems

Many problems can be solved much more cheaply in other ways:

  • We offer a substantial level of free support.
  • We offer SAAS hosting at a much lower rate with a greater range of bundled support, see the Phacility Corporate Site.
  • Phabricator is open source; all problems can ultimately be solved without our help by digging into the code.
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