Conduit accept int/bool parameters as strings


Conduit accept int/bool parameters as strings

Summary: Accept Conduit parameter values as strings (e.g. from curl) and convert to required type.

Test Plan:
Call conduit method with int/bool parameter iusing curl and make sure it does not result in validation error, e.g.

$ curl http://$PHABRICATOR_HOST/api/maniphest.search -d api.token=$CONDUIT_TOKEN -d constraints[modifiedEnd]=$(date +%s) -d constraints[hasParents]=true -d limit=1

Fixes T10456.

Reviewers: epriestley, Blessed Reviewers

Reviewed By: epriestley, Blessed Reviewers

Subscribers: Korvin

Maniphest Tasks: T10456

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D16694