Don't mutate DOM on touch-originated cursor events in Differential


Don't mutate DOM on touch-originated cursor events in Differential

Fixes T10229. Broadly:

  • When the user hovers over a line number or inline comment, we update the yellow reticle to highlight the relevant lines. Specifically, this is in response to a mouseover event.
  • On touch devices, touches fire mouseover and if you mutate the DOM inside the event, the device aborts the touch.

To remedy this:

  • Distingiush between mouse-originated and touch-originated cursor events.
    • We do this, roughly, by setting a flag when we see "touchstart", and clearing it when we see the second copy of any unique cursor event.
    • This method is complex, but should be robust to any implementation differences between devices (for example, it will work no matter which order the events are fired in).
    • This method should also produce the correct results on weird devices that have both mouse-devices and touch-devices available for cursor input.
  • When we see a touch-originated mouseover or mouseout, don't mutate the DOM.
  • Put an extra DOM mutation into the click event to improve highlighting behavior on touch devices.

Test Plan:

  • In iOS Simulator (4s, iOS 9.2), clicked various inline actions ("Reply", "Hide", "Done", "Cancel", line numbers, etc). Got responses after a single touch.
  • Verified hover + click behavior on a desktop.
  • Logged and examined a bunch of events as a general sanity check.

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