Convert Phabricator to handle "%s" / "%B" properly


Convert Phabricator to handle "%s" / "%B" properly

Ref T1191. I believe we only have three meaningful binary fields across all applications:

  • The general cache may contain gzipped content.
  • The file storage blob may contain arbitrary binary content.
  • The Passphrase secret can store arbitrary binary data (although it currently never does).

This adds Lisk config for binary fields, and uses %B where necessary.

Test Plan:

  • Added and executed unit tests.
  • Forced file uploads to use MySQL, uploaded binaries.
  • Disabled the CONFIG_BINARY on the file storage blob and tried again, got an appropraite failure.
  • Tried to register with an account containing a G-Clef, and was stopped before the insert.

Reviewers: btrahan, arice

Reviewed By: arice

CC: arice, chad, aran

Maniphest Tasks: T1191

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D8316

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