Improve lispum generation of pastes


Improve lispum generation of pastes

Summary: Fixes T8482, or something. I can't actually repro that but I think it should be fixed either here or earlier

Test Plan:

$ ./bin/lipsum generate paste
 GENERATORS  Selected generators: Pastes.
 WARNING  This command generates synthetic test data, including user accounts. It is intended for use in development environments so you can test features more easily. There is no easy way to delete this data or undo the effects of this command. If you run it in a production environment, it will pollute your data with large amounts of meaningless garbage that you can not get rid of.

    Are you sure you want to generate piles of garbage? [y/N] y

 LIPSUM  Generating synthetic test objects forever. Use ^C to stop when satisfied.
Generated "Paste": P223 forgotten_memory_disks_backup.java
Generated "Paste": P224 backup_disk_tables_and_administrate_backup_memory_account.java
Generated "Paste": P225 sync_backup_disk_and_undo_memory.php
Generated "Paste": P226 administrate_memory_shard_helper.php
Generated "Paste": P227 cancel_disk_users
Generated "Paste": P228 backups_pro.txt
Generated "Paste": P229 undo_host.txt
Generated "Paste": P230 accelerate_database_accounts.java
Generated "Paste": P231 entomb_accounts.java
Generated "Paste": P232 legendary_legendary_shards_helper.java
Generated "Paste": P233 compact_backup_and_user_and_purge_memory
Generated "Paste": P234 account_script_script_backup_helper_helper.java
Generated "Paste": P235 purge_disk.php
Generated "Paste": P236 forgotten_elder_account.txt
Generated "Paste": P237 ancient_ancient_disks.txt
Generated "Paste": P238 disk_user.php

Reviewers: chad

Reviewed By: chad

Maniphest Tasks: T8482

Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D14883