Development Notes (2016 Week 24)

Administrators can now configure global default settings. Prose diffs have improved.

This is a companion to the 2016 Week 24 (Mid June) Changelog.

Global Settings

Administrators can now configure global default settings in SettingsGlobal Settings. See T11098 for feedback and errata.

Prose Diffs

When users edit a block of human-language text like a task description, we previously showed changes to the text as though it was source code. This often produced poor diffs which were difficult to read. We now make an effort to do a more reasonable job with prose diffs:

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.38.49 AM.png (539×613 px, 99 KB)

HTML email also includes prose diffs inline and links to diff details. See T7643 for details.

Remarkup Video

Phabricator now supports <video /> tags for video formats which browsers support (MP4, OGG, Webm).

Written by epriestley on Jun 11 2016, 11:43 AM.

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