Development Notes (2016 Week 3)

Repositories now have unique (optional) short names, Amazon S3 integration has been updated.

This is a companion to the 2016 Week 3 (Mid January) Changelog.

Nothing too exciting this week:

  • We've updated how we interact with Amazon S3. T10114 has details. This mostly just puts us on the modern version of the API (including adding HTTPS support). I'm planning to do some related maintenance in the cluster this weekend, so I wanted to tighten things down a bit ahead of that.
  • Repositories are getting closer to having optional callsigns. The "Checkout / Clone As" field is now "Short Name", and must be sensible and unique (see T10115). If present, this identifier is usable in some contexts (currently API and CLI). It will become more widely usable soon.
  • A big chunk of work this week was projects-related, but it's still a bit shaky so I cut the release a day early and then landed it all on master. It will promote (and be discussed) next week.
Written by epriestley on Jan 15 2016, 8:11 PM.
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